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Tatyana Ryzhkova – The Stream

A. Vlassenkov "The Stream," a belorussian folk song, performed by Tatyana Ryzhkova

John Stowell – Wybleing

John Stowell plays "Wybleing" on a Doolin Nylon-stringed guitar

Steve Howe – Mood for a Day

Steve Howe appearing in Washington, DC on November 13, 2002 performing "Mood for a Day."

Sabicas – Arabian Dance

Sabicas, the Spanish flamenco maestro started performing at six years old, and in 1936, became one of the first players to introduce flamenco to audiences across the globe.

Carlos Montoya – Farruca

Flamenco! Rare footage of the great Carlos Montoya.

Thom Bresh – Double Guitar

Thom Bresh is a master of the Merle Travis, Jerry Reid, and Chet Atkins styles. Here, he performs with his "flip-over" classical/steel-string guitar on the Music City Tonight show (early '90s).

Tatyana Ryzhkova – Frederic Chopin, Valse op. 64 no. 2

To me, Chopin was one of the original jazzers. Tatyana Ryzhkova performs one of his waltzes.

Steve Bean – Bohemian Rhapsody

Steve Bean performs Queen's iconic hit on classical guitar.

Vicente Gomez-Flamenco

The Flamenco Guitar Master, Vicente Gomez circa 1950s

Samantha Wells – Valsa Sem Nome

Samantha Wells performs Baden Powell's classic "Waltz Without a Name."

George Sakellariou – Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair arr. by Ben Bolt and revised by George Sakellariou

Henrik Andersen – Bach Cello Suite

Henrik Andersen performs a Bach Cello Suite on Harp Guitar

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