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Neil Levang – Galloping Guitar

Neil Levang on The Lawrence Welk Show: Galloping Guitar. 1960.

Buddy Merrill on his Fender Jazzmaster

Buddy Merrill plays hot guitar on his Fender Jazzmaster on th Lawrence Welk Show, circa late 50s.

T.K. Smith – China Boy

Jeremy "J.W." Wakefield on steel guitar, T.K. Smith on lead guitar, and Deke Dickerson on rhythm playing "China Boy" at Deke Dickerson's Hillbillyfest in October, 2007

Hank Garland – Sugarfoot Rag

At age 19, Hank Garland recorded his million-selling hit "Sugarfoot rag", though some attribute the song to Bernie B. Smith Jr., published 2 years earlier by M.M. Cole/BMI as "Bernie's reel".

Roy Clark – 12th Street Rag

The lightning fingers of Roy Clark play "The 12th Street Rag," 1950s?

Neil Levang – Galloping Guitar

Neil Levang was Laurence Welk's hot picker. Virtuosity comes from surprising places.

Johnny Hiland – Warm-up Song

Johnny Hiland offers a taste of country pickin'.

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