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Barney Kessel – Basies Blues

Barney Kessel - Basies Blues - 1973

Frank Zappa – Wastermelon in Easter Hay

Frank Zappa - Wastermelon in Easter Hay, 2012

Alan Holdsworth – Devil Takes The Hindmost

Alan Holdsworth with Jimmy Haslip & Gary Husband - Devil Takes The Hindmost

Chet Atkins and Johnny Gimble – Jesse Polka

What Johnny Gimble and Chet Atkins are probably doing right now.

Eddie and Alonzo Pennington Play – The Guitar Rag

Kentuckian Eddie Pennington, widely recognized as one of the greatest thumbstyle guitarists, and his son Alonzo perform the Merle Travis song ÒThe Guitar Rag.Ó

Junior Brown – Surf Medley

1996 - TNN's "Prime Time Country." Junior Brown (Guit-Steel); Tanya Rae Brown (guitar); Steve Layne (bass); and Tom Lewis (drums).

Joe Strummer – Straight to Hel

Joe Strummer - Straight to Hell - Never Before Seen - London 1988

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