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Category: fusion

Scott Henderson – Dolemite

Scott Henderson plays "Dolemite," electric funk fusion.

John Schofield – Someone to Watch Over Me

John Schofield performs "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Jimmy Herring – Within You Without You

Jimmy Herring from the Aquarium Rescue Unit stretches out.

Danny Gatton – Funky Mama

Danny Gatton, the telecaster master.

Allan Holdsworth – Looking Glass

Somewhere along the way, Alan Holdsworth decided he didn't have to sound like anyone else.

Jimbo on his Warr Guitar

Daily Guitar Video: Designed by Mark Warr (not "War" as the mistitled video says), the Warr Guitar fits well into my "anything goes on Sundays" theme. Imagine a bass and a guitar welded into one in...

Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover

Daily Guitar Video: Eric Johnson and that tone!

Bill Frisell ~ Pipeline

Daily Guitar Video: Bill Frisell's new ensemble pays homage to the space age and the early days of the telecaster (which was born in 1951 as he was). This group is not about fiery solos. Instead, l...

Jeff Beck- “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers”

Daily Guitar Video: The legendary Jeff Beck. His 1980s albums "Blow by Blow" and "There and Back" are major reasons I've played guitar for 35 years. This music was an inspiring crossover from rock ...

Larry Carlton – Josie

Daily Guitar Video: Larry Carlton performing Steely Dan's "Josie."

Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention – King Kong

Daily Guitar Video:This one's not strictly a guitar video, though Frank Zappa was a mighty string twister. Here's an early Mothers of Invention video from 1968. Though Miles Davis got credit for fu...

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