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Category: fusion

Scott Henderson – Dolemite

Scott Henderson plays "Dolemite," electric funk fusion.

John Schofield – Someone to Watch Over Me

John Schofield performs "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Jimmy Herring – Within You Without You

Jimmy Herring from the Aquarium Rescue Unit stretches out.

Danny Gatton – Funky Mama

Danny Gatton, the telecaster master.

Allan Holdsworth – Looking Glass

Somewhere along the way, Alan Holdsworth decided he didn't have to sound like anyone else.

Jimbo on his Warr Guitar

Daily Guitar Video: Designed by Mark Warr (not "War" as the mistitled video says), the Warr Guitar fits well into my "anything goes on Sundays" theme. Imagine a bass and a guitar welded into one in...

Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover

Daily Guitar Video: Eric Johnson and that tone!

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