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Junior Brown – Surf Medley

1996 - TNN's "Prime Time Country." Junior Brown (Guit-Steel); Tanya Rae Brown (guitar); Steve Layne (bass); and Tom Lewis (drums).

Keith Medley – Hall of the Mountain King

Keith Medley re-arranged the classic piece "Hall Of The Mountain King" composed by Edvard Grieg for Peer Gynt in 1875

Tom Shinness – Little Wing

"Little Wing" performed by Tom Shinness on Gibwson 1913 Harp Guitar

Lyndon’s harp guitar – 2-Minute Jam

Lyndon's harp guitar by Sandy Richards - "2-Minute Jam"

Kinga G_yk – Tears In Heaven

Kinga G_yk plays "Tears In Heaven", Jeff Berlin - cover. Four strings and a lower octave, but how many can do this with a six-string?

Fretless Guitar – Yaram Sõzlar

Fretless Guitar - "Yaram Sõzlar." An arrangement of a turkish folk song called "Yaram Sõzlar A_rõr Ba_õm" for fretless guitar in standard tuning.

The Cardboard Stratocaster

The cardboard Stratocaster.

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