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Fretless Guitar – Yaram Sõzlar

Fretless Guitar - "Yaram Sõzlar." An arrangement of a turkish folk song called "Yaram Sõzlar A_rõr Ba_õm" for fretless guitar in standard tuning.

The Cardboard Stratocaster

The cardboard Stratocaster.

Roy Smeck

Roy Smeck demonstrates the precursors to modern guitar pyrotechnics on a soprano uke, circa 1940s.

Esteban Antonio – Impossible Guitar

Esteban Antonio's "Ha-Shem" is a 17-string Grand Concert Harp Guitar with a bowed section

Dave Bunker – Sweet Georgia Brown

Dave Bunker invented the touch guitar. I want one!

Jonathan Wilson – Yellow Raven/Living & Dying

My friend, Jonathan Wilson performs on the guitarViol, an instrument of his own design.

Henrik Andersen – Bach Cello Suite

Henrik Andersen performs a Bach Cello Suite on Harp Guitar

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