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Michael Angelo Batio – Double Guitar

Okay, not my kind of music, but if I was completely ambidextrous and talented like Michael Angelo Batio, and could play roaring fast harmonic minor scales on two guitars upside down and right-side-...

Thom Bresh – Double Guitar

Thom Bresh is a master of the Merle Travis, Jerry Reid, and Chet Atkins styles. Here, he performs with his "flip-over" classical/steel-string guitar on the Music City Tonight show (early '90s).

Roy Smeck

Roy Smeck demonstrates the precursors to modern guitar pyrotechnics on a soprano uke, circa 1940s.

Lars Schurse – Giant Steps

Daily Guitar Video: John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" has been one of the jazz musician's "proving grounds" since the tune stumped the great Tommy Flanagan on the album of the same name. Here, Lars Sch...