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Thom Bresh – Double Guitar

Thom Bresh is a master of the Merle Travis, Jerry Reid, and Chet Atkins styles. Here, he performs with his "flip-over" classical/steel-string guitar on the Music City Tonight show (early '90s).

Roy Smeck

Roy Smeck demonstrates the precursors to modern guitar pyrotechnics on a soprano uke, circa 1940s.

George Benson with Jimmy Slyde

George Benson improvises while Jimmy Slyde taps on "L'Aventure du Jazz" in 1972

Stanley Jordan – Stairway to Heaven

Stanley Jordan rose to fame as a "stunt guitarist" in the 1980s. You gotta admit that's pretty cool.

Samurai Guitarist Für Elise

Daily Guitar Video: The Samurai Guitarist, Steve Onotera, takes on five at a time.

Lars Schurse – Giant Steps

Daily Guitar Video: John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" has been one of the jazz musician's "proving grounds" since the tune stumped the great Tommy Flanagan on the album of the same name. Here, Lars Sch...

Bass Fun: Edgar Meyer and Victor Wooten

Daily (not) Guitar Video: I won't stray from the topic of guitars often, but this fun bass duet is worth the diversion.

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