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Pat Donohue – Stealin’ From Chet

Pat Donohue plays "Stealin' From Chet" at the Strand Theater in Waynesville, NC on May 7, 2016

Richard Smith – Pineapple Rag

Richard Smithplays Scott Joplin's "Pineapple Rag" in 2015.

Thom Bresh & Tommy Emmanuel – Guitar Rag

Thom Bresh and Tommy Emmanuel play "Guitar Rag"

Doc Watson – Deep River Blues

Doc Watson, Jack Lawrence, & David Grisman play "Deep River Blues"

Paul Moseley – Sweet Bunch of Daises

Paul Moseley plays "Sweet Bunch of Daises" at the Ohio Fingerstyle Guitar Club

Richard Smith – Bye, Bye, Blackbird

Richard Smith performs "Bye, Bye, Blackbird" at The Nashville Palace in Nashville, Tennessee.

Chet Atkins – Fingerstyle Guitar Medley

Chet Atkins plays a fingerstyle guitar medley. I thought his swimming pool joke was funny, even if the audience missed it.

Eddie Pennington – After You’re Gone

Eddie Pennington offers a thumbpicked rendition of "After You're Gone"

Richard Smith & Tommy Emmanuel – Stomping’ at the Savoy

Richard Smith & Tommy Emmanuel: Two of my favorite fingerstylists

Buster B. Jones – Walk in the Park

Buster B. Jones was one of the great fingerstylists. Here he explains the evolution of picking styles. Music starts at 1:28.

John D. Loudermilk – Windy and Warm

You've heard this fingerstyle classic performed by Chet Atkins, Doc Watson, and countless others. Hear it performed by its composer.

Tommy Emmanuel plays Jimmy Hendrix

Tommy Emmanuel's homage to rock guitar icons: Stevie's Blues, Purple Haze, and the Guitar Boogie

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