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Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer – Star Cycle

Jeff Beck and the Jan Hammer Group play "Star Cycle" circa 1970s

Jack Pearson – Blues

Jack Pearson playing some soulful electric blues

Vinny Raniolo and Rory Hoffman – Sweet Georgia Brown

An impromptu jam between Vinny Raniolo and Rory Hoffman on "Sweet Georgia Brown"

Bucky Pizzarelli and Gene Bertoncini

Bucky Pizzarelli and Gene Bertoncini guest on Les Paul Mondays - IridiumLive! 9.17.2012

Alexandr Misko – Billie Jean

Alexandr Misko plays the so-often covered "Billie Jean," and makes it his own.

Allan Holdsworth Trio

Allan Holdsworth trio Warsaw 1998, with Gary Novak and Dave Carpenter.

America Paz ft. Eduardo Sitja – Street Jam

Bass guitar is not often featured here, but this street performnace by America Paz and Eduardo Sitja is worth the diversion - even of the videographer preferred panning back an forth to turning the...

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